“The member of Parliament shoulders many responsabilities.
First : to represent the people and draw the Nation’s political , economic and social blueprint .
Second : to control the government and prevent it from sidetracking .
Third : to propose and enact modern legislation .

The deputy must also be available for his constituency : being  formally elected , he represents an essential recourse to the citizens”.

                                                                          Nicolas Elie Chammas.

 The 5 – track reform agenda  that I intend to push forward . 

1-   To establish a state of law and institutions in Lebanon , to protect the freedoms , and to safeguard the citizens’ essential rights . 

2-   To reconciliate the Lebanese society with itself , and to bring together the various regions , communities , generations and social groups , as well as the two genders , and the national residents with the Lebanese diaspora . 

3-   To raise the families’ standards of living through a better harmonization of economic efficiency and social justice , and through a new and modern social contract that will give every citizen the opportunity to live decently . 

4-   To revive the various economic sectors , and to promote the different clusters constituting the “new economy” , in order to create abundant and valuable jobs for the young generations , and to stop the brain drain . 

5-   To restore the place of Beirut as a regional capital , to reaffirm the unique and civilized character of Lebanon , to protect its  patrimony , environment and natural resources , and to chart a future worthy of its glorious past and of its citizens’ ambitions .