1. Implement and promote a societal policy to protect the most vulnerable and/or disadvantaged populations.

2. Set up a program to counter domestic violence and pave the way for the full inclusion of women in the socio-economic sphere, equal pay in the labor market, and the respect for parity in public life.

3. Open prospects for coaching, training, tutoring and employment for youth.

4. Target the category of the seniors with appropriate policies — easy access to care, support of heavy therapies, recovery of pensions and housing.

5. Ensure the integration of individuals with special needs in the socio-economic life, in both the public service and corporate world.

6. Fight against harassment, discrimination, hate speech and violence, as well as reinforcing vigilance in protecting religious, racial, sexual and social minorities.

7. Complete the return of the displaced Lebanese to their pre-war places of residence, and organize the return of refugees, including Syrians, to safe areas in their country of origin.