Comments on the reference book of Nicolas Elie Chammas :

-"These words constitute a first reaction to Nicolas Chammas' outstanding book on "the socio-economic future of Lebanon in questions" . I indeed require a respite from my social and material obligations in order to reflect upon the analyses and recommendations the author proposes . I was also surprised to note how young he was , as he was born in 1963".

Charles Hélou , former President of the Republic 

-"This relevant and meticulous book provides us with substantial material that will enrich the all-important debate about the social and economic future of Lebanon".

Hervé de Charette , former Minister of Foreign Affairs of France

-"From Gabriel Menassa to Fouad Chéhab and Nicolas Chammas , realistic reforms have been proposed with smartness and courage . This represents an undisputable sign that intelligence and social responsibility refuse to either surrender or to desert Lebanon , which is reassuring about the future of our Nation".
Georges Corm , Minister of Finance 
-"I would like to declare my appreciation for my colleague Zaher al-Khatib , who referred yesterday [during the confidence vote to the government] to the book of Nicolas Chammas about the "socio - economic future of Lebanon". I wish that the ruling class in this country reads this publication , for Nicolas Chammas graduated from Harvard , and not from a socialist or communist university , and he gives us therefore a liberal point of view . For this reason , we will grant the government a conditional confidence".
Walid Joumblat , former Minister of Displaced Persons 
-"In a recently published 622-page blueprint for rescuing his homeland from political distress , social injustice , and economic inefficiency , Chammas has added his voice to those pondering Lebanon's strategy for the next century . "It is not forbidden for a small country to have big ambitions" , Chammas has written . In keeping with that belief , he is doing all he can to point Lebanon in a direction that will turn dreams of peace and prosperity into reality".
James Aisner , Contributing Editor , Harvard Business School Bulletin